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Get fit, focused and build confidence.

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Fitness Kickboxing


High energy kickboxing classes for all fitness levels. Focus on improving strength and conditioning for a full body workout. 45-minute classes on your own bag.

kanga karate

Kanga Karate

4-6 Years

Custom program to build confidence and promote healthy living. Our fun Kanga Karate classes go through a series of exercises step by step to help develop your child’s focus and motor skills.

Kids Karate

Kids Karate

7-12 Years

Inspire your kids and build confidence. Our fun kids karate classes offer a program that builds discipline, self-defence and strength – all in a fun learning environment.

Teens Karate

Karate classes focused on teens to help build confidence, self-defence and fitness within a motivating and supportive social environment.

Adults Karate

Build your fitness, strength and mental acuity, along with your fitness and strength while learning practical self-defence with our adult karate classes, which cater for beginner to experienced students.

Kickboxing Special Offer

3 kickboxing classes
+ FREE set of boxing gloves for $29

Karate Special Offer

5 classes for only $40 

+ FREE uniform

About us

At Emplify we aim to provide empowering experiences to people so that they may achieve and make positive change within themselves.

Achievement and positive change mean different things to different people.

Achievement could mean reaching a personal fitness goal, which could be to tone up, or improve your cardio. Positive change could be to build confidence or self-discipline. It could be something as simple as joining a club to belong and be part of a social, fun environment.

Our vision is to provide a welcoming environment to help inspire our community to achieve their goals and be leaders in their own communities regardless of age, fitness or skill level.

We provide goal-oriented and fun karate and kickboxing classes that encourage people to be part of a supportive and motivating community.


Our Mission. Your Evolution.


At Emplify we’ve built a community where people can embrace positive change – we all have the power to change for the better. We live and breathe the values that Emplify represents; self-improvement, discipline, growth and mentorship. With a team of powerful mentors, coaches and teachers, we believe that immersing yourself in an empowered and positive environment helps to facilitate motivation and achieve change. 

Training in martial arts doesn’t just improve fitness and strength. The Emplify community provides an inclusive and approachable environment where all ages can work towards increased motivation, determination, focus, confidence and more. We welcome you as we empower achievement in all aspects of your life and celebrate success. 

Achieve your personal goals with Emplify Karate and Fitness Kickboxing. 

What our clients say

Great way for both men and women to get or stay fit in a fun and social environment. It can suit a range of fitness levels. The instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and the classes are easy to follow. I’d strongly recommend trying My Fitness Kickboxing.
Fitness Kickboxing Testimonial
Lisa Athanassiou
Via Facebook
Attended a session today. This is a superb total body workout that you can do either at your own pace or push it to the limit. Did I also mention, “serious fun” too! I’ll be back. The trainers are awesome, friendly and really know their stuff.
karate testimonial
Douglas McDade
Via Facebook
My boy has been going to IGKS Willetton for years. He started when he was 4. It really brought him out of his shell and gave him so much confidence. The teachers are amazing with the kids. They keep the kids interested, engaged and involved through the entire lesson. My boy never wants to miss a lesson.
Kids Karate Testimonial
Linda Indrisie
Via Facebook
My kids have been attending IGKS for nearly 5 years and love it. There are heaps of parents doing it too - some of us inspired to get involved by our children! Just graded for my blue belt and am loving it!
kanga karate
Matthew Allen
Via Facebook

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Kickboxing Special Offer

3 kickboxing classes
+ FREE Set of Boxing Gloves for $29

Karate Special Offer

Introductory Special
5 classes for only $40 + Free Uniform