How To Fit Training Around Your Busy Lifestyle

You’re busy, busy, busy and there isn’t a spare minute in the day for exercise, right? – Wrong –  Have you ever wondered how other people fit training around kids, work commitments and hobbies? Fitting training around your busy lifestyle can be challenging but it’s not impossible.

Emplify is filled with busy and successful members just like you, so we’ve surveyed a bunch of people and collated some great ideas to help you balance and prioritise your day.

Read these tips from some of our members who know how to get it done!

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1. Prioritise Your Day

You have 24 hours in your day just like everyone else, so, how are you filling them? We are not here to tell you what’s important and what isn’t, that’s your job. Instead, try keeping a diary of how you spend your days in the coming week. Record how many hours are spent working, with family, on social media, watching tv and going out. By doing this you will be able to see where a training session would fit in and where you are wasting time on activities that don’t give you the same benefit.

2. Find Your Motivation

Be honest – Do you not have time or do you just not want to do it? There’s a difference.

If you’re struggling with finding the motivation to work out then that’s ok, we hear you. The reason may simply be that you haven’t found your motivation yet. Whether it’s getting in shape for the summer, losing those excess kilos, improving your fitness or starting your day off well, finding your motivation will help you to stick to a plan. Remember too that our studios are filled with friendly and fun members who will help you to stay motivated – you just have to show up! Lost your motivation?

Check out these extra tips for getting it back!

Put Your Work Out Clothes On
Don’t think about it, just get dressed. You’re not going to just land yourself on the sofa after having put your training clothes on. Find something that fits you and makes you feel good when you wear it. Bright colours or all black, whatever you prefer.

Surround Yourself With Motivation
Lunden Souza writes, ‘People often ask me: “How do you stay so motivated all the time.” I am not motivated all the time, but I consistently cultivate a motivating environment for myself so that I know I can even when I don’t necessarily feel like it. We all need to write down our goals and some authentic motivational quotes in places where we will see them. This could be on your desk, your bathroom mirror at home, or even as the background on your smartphone.

Stop Eating Crap
It has to be considered common knowledge by now that eating unhealthy, processed and high sugar foods doesn’t make your body feel energized. These foods make you feel tired, lazy, unmotivated and grumpy – no mojo! Plus, your workouts are not going to help you reach your goals if you’re not staying on top of your nutrition, too.

Mix It Up
‘Variety is the spice of life’, they say, and guess what? They’re right! Don’t do the same workout all the time. Mix it up! And this is precisely what Emplify excels at providing, Variety!

Join A Workout Group
Here at Emplify, WE KNOW that working out in a group makes everything better! You have friends that you’re meeting up with and people to encourage you through those tough exercises.

Write Down How You Feel After All Your Workouts
Diarise or journal how you feel after your workouts. That way you can go back and take a look at those awesome feelings when you’re just not feeling in the mood. Generally, we want to skip our workouts because we’re tired, busy, low-energy and have too many things to do. But at the end of a work out – hello endorphins! You’ll probably write things down like: I feel great, I am so happy I finished that workout, I have so much energy, I feel so strong! This will build your ‘Motivational Muscle’ and that’s what we all need to do.

Put Your Workouts In Your Calendar
This way they are appointments and people know you’re busy during that time. If you don’t get your workout in, you’re not going to be the best employee, colleague or friend.

3. Work Around Your Schedule

Whether you’re a night owl, an early bird or just a permanently tired pigeon, you need a program that’s tailored to suit you. Working close to the gym? Stop by on the way home from work. Got a free hour on a Saturday? Hey we do too! With numerous classes running each week, we are certain we have one to suit you!

Many of our members find that they have more energy to complete their daily tasks after a workout. Ready to fit in some training? Get started now and Register for a 3-class Fitness Kickboxing trial or 5-class Karate trial where you can chat with an instructor and get assessed.