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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Try out our karate classes now and you can get 5 classes for just $40 and a FREE uniform. You’ll be a part of our empowering community and enjoy being a part of the class with a group of students.

      No. You may use your trial as you wish, so even if you purchase and find your child doesn’t suit our classes just yet, you may save your remaining classes for a future date when your child may be more suited and try again.

      Yes, the trial is for 5 classes and not necessarily 5 weeks, so you may use your 5 classes however you wish.

      Yes, even if you decide not to continue after your trial the summer training shirt is yours to keep

      After your trial, sign up for as many or as few classes each week as you’d like. Each person is different, but we find that on average our members pay $16.50 per class.

      Chat with your instructor if you’d like them to guide you in deciding how many sessions per week will help you to best achieve your goals considering any other activities and routines you have in your life.

      Your commitment is fortnightly, you will sign up to your fortnightly classes and you can cancel any time you like. If you wish to cancel, you just need to notify your instructor in writing.

      Yes, if you know you will be away for a period of time ahead of schedule then just notify your instructor in writing of the start and end dates that you will be away and your membership will be suspended for that period.

      No, the trial is only available to new members.

      However, please get in touch with us about restarting as when you first joined you were granted life membership with us, so you do not need to pay any new joining fees upon resuming a membership.

      We would love to discuss with and help you get back into training to achieve your goals in a way that works for you.

      What our clients say

      Awesome karate classes, I love how the older children get given the responsibility to run parts of the class and how mature and well they handle this. Fabulous classes that the kids love!
      Kids Karate Testimonial
      Jessica Monroe
      Via Facebook
      Been going to Willetton since it opened in January. Absolutely love it! Great workout, awesome instructors! Highly recommend to anyone. Totally addicted!
      Douglas McDade
      Via Facebook
      My boy has been going to IGKS Willetton for years. He started when he was 4. It really brought him out of his shell and gave him so much confidence. The teachers are amazing with the kids. They keep the kids interested, engaged and involved through the entire lesson. My boy never wants to miss a lesson.
      Linda Indrisie
      Via Facebook
      My kids have been attending IGKS for nearly 5 years and love it. There are heaps of parents doing it too - some of us inspired to get involved by our children! Just graded for my blue belt and am loving it!
      karate testimonial
      Matthew Allen
      Via Facebook