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Karate Classes for Kids

In 2006  we started Kanga Karate to be able to introduce martial arts to young children. Designed for children as young as 4 years old, Kanga Karate is a popular karate class for young kids across Perth. The program promotes healthy living while boosting your child’s self-esteem. All in a fun and friendly environment.

Kanga Karate flows straight into our Kids Karate program which progressively teaches primary school aged children the foundations of karate respective of their age and development.

About Karate Kids

Kanga Karate: 4-6 year olds
Specially designed program to build confidence and promote health living. Our fun kids karate classes go through a series of exercises step by step to help develop your child’s motor skills.

Kids Karate: 7-12 year olds
Inspire your kids and build confidence. Our fun kids karate classes offer a program that builds self-defence, strength and discipline – all in a fun learning environment.

Our kids karate classes ensure children at similar stages are grouped together to build their confidence, discipline and to ensure they’re having the most fun possible.

You’ll see the benefits of enrolling your child in our karate classes from the very beginning. Our skilled instructors operate out of 14 locations across Perth so there’s sure to be a Dojo near you.

Just a few of the benefits of enrolling your child include:

• Improve coordination
• Teach discipline
• Better focus
• Build self-confidence
• Develop technical karate skills
• Make new friends
• Have fun
• Build respect
Syllabus Summary:
1. Basic Techniques
2. Kihon Ido (Basics with Movement)
3. Partnered Drills
4. Kata
5. Pre-Arranged Sparring Drill
Kanga Karate About
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Why not give us a try and see for yourself why karate is a great choice for your child and the whole family to get fit, have fun and learn a new skill.
Your instructor will sit down with you during your first trial class and discuss all the membership options with you. This way you still have 4 trial classes to decide how you wish to proceed after your trial.
 Whether your child is in pre-school, primary school or high school we have a program designed to suit them. Talk to our team today to find out what you can expect and to sign up for your 5-class trial.

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What our clients say

Awesome karate classes, I love how the older children get given the responsibility to run parts of the class and how mature and well they handle this. Fabulous classes that the kids love!
Kids Karate Testimonial
Jessica Monroe
Via Facebook
Been going to Willetton since it opened in January. Absolutely love it! Great workout, awesome instructors! Highly recommend to anyone. Totally addicted!
Douglas McDade
Via Facebook
My boy has been going to IGKS Willetton for years. He started when he was 4. It really brought him out of his shell and gave him so much confidence. The teachers are amazing with the kids. They keep the kids interested, engaged and involved through the entire lesson. My boy never wants to miss a lesson.
Linda Indrisie
Via Facebook
My kids have been attending IGKS for nearly 5 years and love it. There are heaps of parents doing it too - some of us inspired to get involved by our children! Just graded for my blue belt and am loving it!
karate testimonial
Matthew Allen
Via Facebook