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Perth Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Since 2010, we’ve been building a community of goal-oriented fitness kickboxing classes. The energy is high and it’s all about you! Created by personal trainers, martial artists and physiotherapists, our kickboxing classes cater to all skill and fitness levels, which include fun kickboxing combinations to help increase tone, strength and stamina.

What we have today is incredible, high energy, fun classes that have been designed to give everyone, regardless of fitness level, a dynamic and safe all over body workout. So whether you are preparing for an iron man event or want to climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath, these classes are for YOU.

Kickboxing About

Our style of kickboxing classes offer you a group fitness experience that you are able to complete at your own pace. With our unique freestanding bags, you don’t need to rely on someone else holding pads for you, but you still gain all the benefits of training in a motivated, supportive group environment. In each class you will learn practical kickboxing combinations that you will get to practice on your own boxing bag at your own pace. Then you can pick up the pace and get a great cardio workout. The 45-minute long classes will have you burning around 600 calories, increasing your strength, flexibility and confidence, and enabling you to get more out of each day. The end result will have you leaner, toned, bursting with energy and living your best life!

Get fit and achieve your goals.
What you won’t find at your new kickboxing gym is exercise machines; our exercise equipment is limited to boxing bags and floor mats. We’re not going to teach you Muay Thai or martial arts – our fitness kickboxing classes are a combination of these and other forms of combat training.
Each of our certified instructors focus on safely coaching you through our proven kickboxing techniques to help you burn loads of calories in each session, so you feel stronger and walk out of each session with more energy. It’s about living your best life and working out at a pace that suits you and your goals. We’ll help you feel empowered to live your best life.
Fitness Kickboxing About

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What our clients say

Great way for both men and women to get or stay fit in a fun and social environment. It can suit a range of fitness levels. The instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and the classes are easy to follow. I’d strongly recommend trying Fitness Kickboxing.
Fitness Kickboxing Testimonial
Lisa Athanassiou
Via Facebook
Attended a session today. This is a superb total body workout that you can do either at your own pace or push it to the limit. Did I also mention, “serious fun” too! I’ll be back. The trainers are awesome, friendly and really know their stuff.
karate testimonial
Douglas McDade
Via Facebook
This is such a fabulous balanced class and by the end of it you are so worked out! Love it and can't recommend it enough - great instructors and a team environment instead of exercising by yourself!
Fitness Kickboxing
Leone Hay
Via Facebook
The classes are so much fun and at everyone's speed! Absolutely love it and enjoy all the trainers there! The best part is there's so many classes to choose from there's flexibility so no excuses. Thanks everyone!
kickboxing testimonial
Francine Walker
Via Facebook