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About Us

We’ve been empowering, coaching and helping people grow since 2001. For more than 20 years we’ve lived our philosophy of being the best we can be. The whole team love being a part of your journey for health, focus, consistency and improvement. The kickboxing and karate communities we’ve built have grown into supportive and motivating networks and we are so proud to be part of that.

Whether you are looking to achieve a personal fitness goal like increasing your strength or stamina, or make internal positive change such as build confidence, self-discipline or focus – we’ve got classes and trainers that are equipped to be a supporting part of your journey. Everything we’ve built is aimed at giving you a support system that empowers you to be the driving force in achieving your goals.

Many of our fantastic clients come along to also be a part of a club, enjoy a social environment and have some fun! Those are important goals too.

In 2021, we worked with our entire team of founders, staff and even our amazing clients, to look at what we’ve built and how we can better structure our business to best empower all our current and future members. We really challenged ourselves to think outside of the standard model and put our clients first – because that’s what we are all about. From those months of hard work, Emplify was created. We think you’ll agree that our exciting new name represents the way we work with you to empower and achieve.


Our training is broken down into two disciplines; Karate and Fitness Kickboxing.

Kickboxing About

Fitness Kickboxing

Join us for incredible, high energy, fun classes that have been designed to give everyone, regardless of fitness level, a dynamic and safe all over body workout. So whether you are preparing for an iron man event or just wanting to climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath, these classes are for YOU.
Come with friends or on your own – you don’t need a partner for these classes as you get to workout on your own personal bag. It’s individual training in a group setting! You workout at your own pace to achieve the goals you’ve set.
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Karate About


We pride ourselves on providing a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to develop their karate skills. Our key areas of focus are confidence, respect, self-discipline, and personal safety while making new friends. Each program has been developed with the traditional Goju karate style at its heart, which is suitable for kids and teens through to adults and also incorporates our young leaders program.

International Goju Karate Schools was founded over two decades ago with the goal to share the immense benefits of karate with as many people as possible. Our karate is heavily influenced by the great Tino Ceberano Hanshi, 10th dan.

Now as part of Emplify, our Karate classes empower kids, teens and adults. Our karate schools have grown to include hundreds of members and our karate classes are offered at 13 locations across Perth. Students learn Goju Karate using modern teaching methods with a distinct focus on promoting effort and fun, and many becoming inspirational leaders within their communities.
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What our clients say

Great way for both men and women to get or stay fit in a fun and social environment. It can suit a range of fitness levels. The instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and the classes are easy to follow. I’d strongly recommend trying My Fitness Kickboxing.
Fitness Kickboxing Testimonial
Lisa Athanassiou
Via Facebook
Attended a session today. This is a superb total body workout that you can do either at your own pace or push it to the limit. Did I also mention, “serious fun” too! I’ll be back. The trainers are awesome, friendly and really know their stuff.
karate testimonial
Douglas McDade
Via Facebook
My boy has been going to IGKS Willetton for years. He started when he was 4. It really brought him out of his shell and gave him so much confidence. The teachers are amazing with the kids. They keep the kids interested, engaged and involved through the entire lesson. My boy never wants to miss a lesson.
Kids Karate Testimonial
Linda Indrisie
Via Facebook
My kids have been attending IGKS for nearly 5 years and love it. There are heaps of parents doing it too - some of us inspired to get involved by our children! Just graded for my blue belt and am loving it!
kanga karate
Matthew Allen
Via Facebook