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Fitness Kickboxing Class

Morley Kickboxing Class Information

Our fitness kickboxing classes offer you a group fitness experience that you are able to complete at you own pace. With our unique freestanding bags, you don’t need to rely on someone else holding pads for you, but you still gain all the benefits of training in a motivated group environment.

Each of our certified instructors focus on safely coaching you through our proven kickboxing techniques to help you burn loads of calories in each session, so you feel stronger and walk out of each session with even more energy.

2/20 Boag Place, Morley
0497 004 494

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Trial Offer

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3 x classes and FREE gloves for $29.

Kickboxing About

Fitness Kickboxing

High energy kickboxing classes for all fitness levels. Focus on improving strength and conditioning for a full body workout. 45-minute classes on your own bag.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of membership options tailored to suit your fitness goals.

Our best value membership starts at $7.80 per class through to our casual drop in rate of $25 per class. The average member pays between $11-$15 per class.

We accept students from the age of 14, however, from ages 14 to 18 a parent/guardian will need to sign the liability waiver before attending their first class.

We can tailor a package to suit your availability. Mention this to your trainer when you arrive at your first class.

Bookings are essential. It is possible to book multiple classes, up to 7 days in advance and we recommend you do this.

Yes our classes cater for beginners, the very fit and the soon to be fit. All exercises in the class are timed, so you do what you can.

As you go to more classes your fitness level will improve and you will find yourself doing more in the time given. If you want to be pushed let the instructor know and they will get you going!

To minimise injuries, we want you to have correct technique. Through your first few sessions your instructor will work closely with you to teach and ensure you are performing all movements in a safe way.

If you would like additional or continued input into improving your technique, please just let the instructor know and they will work closely with you to make improvements as they go around.

We recommend three classes per week for best results. However if you are kickboxing once a week in addition to other forms of exercise, even cardio walking twice a week for example, you’ll notice a change – this in conjunction with a healthy diet of course!

Chat with your instructor if you’d like them to guide you in deciding how many sessions per week will help you to best achieve your goals considering any other activities and routines you have in your life.

Young children are allowed as long as they stay off the workout area and don’t interrupt the class.

Please bring a water bottle and a towel, we train barefoot. That is all! We’ll provide you with gloves.

No, the trial is only available to new members.

Please get in touch with us about restarting though as when you first joined you were granted life membership with us, so you do not need to pay any new joining fees upon resuming a membership.

We would love to discuss with and help you get back into training to achieve your goals in a way that works for you.

What our clients say

Great way for both men and women to get or stay fit in a fun and social environment. It can suit a range of fitness levels. The instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and the classes are easy to follow. I’d strongly recommend trying Fitness Kickboxing.
Fitness Kickboxing Testimonial
Lisa Athanassiou
Via Facebook
Attended a session today. This is a superb total body workout that you can do either at your own pace or push it to the limit. Did I also mention, “serious fun” too! I’ll be back. The trainers are awesome, friendly and really know their stuff.
karate testimonial
Douglas McDade
Via Facebook
This is such a fabulous balanced class and by the end of it you are so worked out! Love it and can't recommend it enough - great instructors and a team environment instead of exercising by yourself!
Fitness Kickboxing
Leone Hay
Via Facebook
The classes are so much fun and at everyone's speed! Absolutely love it and enjoy all the trainers there! The best part is there's so many classes to choose from there's flexibility so no excuses. Thanks everyone!
kickboxing testimonial
Francine Walker
Via Facebook